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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

At what stage should be the projects that you are looking for?

We are mainly interested in projects with a prototype or finished product that can be tested at the client’s premises. If you have only the idea – we also encourage you to submit an application. We will read the application, we will talk to you and your team and we will see how we can help you to take your first steps in building your own business. Even if it is too early for you for an acceleration program, there is a good chance that we will invite you for a pre-acceleration weekend or recommend another program that will suit you at this stage of development.

Who can apply?

We are interested in projects that will change the rules of the game in the food industry from areas such as:

  • food – healthy and high-quality ingredients,
  • alternative proteins – plant-based, from insects, cultured,
  • packaging – smart, biodegradable, edible,
  • food waste – technologies helping to tackle food overproduction and waste,
  • lifestyle – retail products, healthy eating, restaurant concepts,
  • agritech – clean technologies for cultivating and producing food

If your product is included in one of the above categories – great. If not, convince us why we should engage in the development of your solution. Even if you do not qualify for the accelerator, there may be someone in our partner network who is looking for what you offer.alt

How long will the program last? When will the classes take place?

We start the program with the pre-acceleration weekend (Friday evening – Sunday), during which we will want to get to know your projects better, provide you with some knowledge, see how you work and put your first challenges ahead. During this weekend we will decide which projects will qualify for the accelerator.

Then we give ourselves time for the paperwork and signing acceleration contracts. Then we start with 8 weeks of intensive work. Most of the workshops, meetings and sessions with mentors will take place 2 days a week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) during business hours, but there may also be individual shorter activities on other days.

The program ends with the Demo Day during which you will present your project to our partners and potential investors.

However, our cooperation will not end with the Demo Day. The mission of the accelerator is the transformation of the food industry and we treat it as a long-term challenge. You can expect that our paths will intersect many times over the next few years

Can I combine the program with my job?

We need your commitment. Your participation in the accelerator will require 2 business days off each week of acceleration. However, keep in mind that your participation and work on the project cannot be limited only to these days. You need time to work independently or with your team, meetings with mentors and potential clients, preparation of materials and everything that is associated with building a business. The decision whether you can combine this with regular work (e.g. using your holidays) is yours, but we encourage you to prepare as much time as possible.

How many people should participate in acceleration?

We know from experience that a business is better built in teams and preferably when at least two people involved in the project participate in the program. If there are more of you – the more we invite you.

What if I am alone or I do not have key competences in a given field?

If you are alone, think if you have a person around you who would like to get involved in the project with you, but it is not obligatory. If you are a great scientist / engineer / programmer, but you are afraid that you do not have enough competences to build your own business around your project, do not worry – you will learn a lot from us. Maybe we can help you find someone who will complement you and your team with the missing skills.

Where will the program take place?

The program will take place in Warsaw in HubHub Nowogrodzka Square – modern coworking space located in the heart of the city. Participants will have open access to the space for 8 weeks, also outside of workshops and mentoring sessions hours. Part of the program will also take place at the offices of our partners. We expect to receive projects from across the country and we will do our best to enable them to participate in the program. We are flexible, but your commitment is the key to our flexibility.

In what language will the program be held?

We think globally, so the program will be held in English in order to reach the largest possible audience.

How do you finance the accelerator?

The accelerator is financed with our own funds. We treat it as the project of our life. That’s why we want to invest in it and develop it in the long-term. We also partner with others who understand our mission, want to be part of it and believe that this investment will pay off. If you want to join partners, write to us – [email protected]

How much does it cost to participate in the program?

The participation fee in the acceleration program is 3000 PLN + VAT and is charged on projects that will be qualified and will decide to participate in acceleration.

We believe that if you think about your business seriously, this amount should not be a problem. In addition, as an accelerator, we acquire 3% of shares in your project. All terms of cooperation will be written down in a clear contract.

Participation in the pre-acceleration weekend is free – we want to give a chance and take a look at as many projects as possible.

Still have some questions?
Feel free to mail us!