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Fresh news from – July 2023

Investors on key trends in foodtech and agritech

📈🌱 FoodHack has collected the hottest topics in food technology and agriculture from 30 leading investors in the industry. Piotr Grabowski also included his types on the list. We summarize for you the most interesting TOP 10:

🍄 Mushroom-based innovations in nutrition and health
🚛 Reducing food waste and supply chain management
📊 Data collection technologies for decision support in agriculture
🐮 Animal feeds reducing methane and nitrous oxide emissions
🍺 Innovative fermentation methods
🧬 Use of machine learning models in the development of new proteins
🤖 AI-assisted precision fermentation
🥡 Sustainable packaging materials and technologies
🥗 Personalized nutrition and monitoring of individual nutritional needs
🚜 Scaling up regenerative agriculture

News from our startups

🍈 Food Jack has opened pre-orders for new products and started recruiting for the following positions: production worker, office assistant, marketing & social media ninja, R&D / QA assistant, warehouseman / driver / e-commerce assistant.

🍪 SweetVegy is entering the market! Their vegetable cakes are now available in selected shops – we encourage you to try them!

🌱 Listny Cud will create a Narnia in your office! A futuristic farm providing fresh microgreens is an unconventional benefit for employees!

🧀 SERio opens its first recruitment! Looking for a sales specialist ready to conquer the Polish and foreign markets.

🥚 myEgg conducted a survey on what Polish vegans and vegetarians eat for breakfast. Take a look and read if there is room for plant-based eggs.

🥖 In an interview, Rebread talks about how to reconcile building positive impact for an organization with its business plan. at Infoshare 2023

🎤 On stage at this year’s Infoshare, Misza and Grabo “grilled” the founders of four Polish foodtech startups on the topic of the future of food. Daniel from talked about robotization, Martyna from Planeat about mushrooms, Staszek from LabFarm about cell-cultured meat and Matylda from Listny Cud about vertical farms. Shortly after the panel, Misha spoke to Marta Janczewska-Bażak about the future of foodtech, enjoy this event-packed interview.

Annual startup survey - let's show the power of foodtech!

📝 The Startup Poland Foundation is once again surveying Polish startups. Foodtech can’t be missing there – let’s show our 💪 strength! The survey takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. Out of all those who fill it in, 5 startups will be selected to have the chance to participate in the prestigious France Digital Day in Paris and a few to present themselves on Startup Poland social media.

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