An accelerator combining tech and food to serve the whole world

We are a group of experienced business owners, managers and investors.

We know that the food industry of tomorrow means healthier food, less pollution and optimal use of resources.
For this purpose, we are bringing scientists and business together, today.

Who are we looking for?

Apply if you are working on a solution in the following areas:


Healthy and high-quality ingredients

Alternative proteins

Plant-based, from insects, cultured


Smart, biodegradable, edible

Food waste

Technologies helping to tackle food overproduction and waste


Retail products, healthy eating, restaurant concepts


Clean technologies for cultivating and producing food

Why should you apply?

The future of our planet depends on the success of your project. We will do everything to help you take it to the next level.

Connection with business

Potential clients are mentors in the program, you will spend a lot of time with them during group sessions and 1 in 1 meetings in Warsaw.

Access to the ecosystem

We will help you choose a partner or find a co-worker who will complement your competences.

Trainings and workshops

From marketing, sales, project management, business models and investor presentations, so that you have the full knowledge of how to deal with a business.


Projects related with food are hard to develop without access to finance. Together with our VC partners, we will look for optimal solutions to finance your project.

Program - Batch 4

There are a few weeks of hard work ahead of you, during which we expect your full commitment. In addition to workshops and sessions with mentors, you can also count on the ongoing support of the accelerator’s team. The program will take place in Warsaw.

March 3rd - April 7th 2021

Recruitment for the program and interviews

April 16th - 18th 2021

Pre-acceleration weekend and selection of projects for acceleration

April 19th - 25th 2021


April 26th - June 22nd 2021

Acceleration program

June 23rd 2021

Demo Day

Demo Day of Batch 2

Our startups

Meet our recently graduated startups that are shaping the future of food.


Roślinny Qurczak

One of a kind plant based chicken alternative. Made of meaty fibers resembling cooked chicken breast.

Listny Cud

Listny Cud

An automated, urban and in-store vertical farms for growing leafy green vegetables, i.e. microgreens and herbs.



A complete and balanced meal in a handy form based on products of plant origin.



An organic and delicious beverage with 15 mg of CBD. Contains a daily dose of CBD for your mind and body balance.



Hypoallergenic, easily digestible food for your dog containing insect-based protein.

Tribe Natural Energy

Tribe Natural Energy

An energy drink based on guayusa tree leaves from Amazonia. Improves focus and effectiveness for many hours.

Vertigo Farms

Vertigo Farms

Clean oil extracts from plants for healthier food, drugs & cosmetics. Obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction.

KuMin.Sys (Venturis Horeca)


An IT tool for gastronomy that helps with production-planning, cost-optimization and reduction of food waste.


An online database ensuring smooth communication between food ingredient suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

Cool Beans

It's bean

Protein packed & locally sourced plant-based yogurts from beans.

Food Jack

Food Jack

Pulled jackfruit, meat replacements on the next level.

Kisz Masz

Kisz Masz

Naturally fermented and probiotic foods.

Mama Mi

Mama Mi

Complete, 100% plant-based baby food.



Personalized probiotics for eco-gardening.

Why do we deal with food?

The current model of cultivation and breeding is too expensive both:

for people – poor quality, highly processed food causes cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer,

for the Earth – excessive breeding, monocultures, burning forests for cultivation and the use of chemicals intensify global warming, poison,  sterilize the soil and are simply unprofitable.

Partners and mentors

Coders Lab
Rubicon Partners
Kancelaria Snażyk Korol Mordaka
Inovo Venture Partners
ENKY Consulting
Instytut Technologii Przemysłu Rolno-Spożywczego
Icos Capital
Kancelaria Funduszy Europejskich
Odkupienie Win
Centrum Prawa Żywnościowego
Centrum Innowacji Uniwersytetu Rolniczego w Krakowie
Centrum Transferu Technologii Uniwersytetu Rolniczego w Krakowie
Siedem Ósmych

Marcin Tchórzewski

CEO | Coders Lab

Agnieszka Skala

CEO | SPIN Entrepreneurship School

Marek Rogala

Co-Founder | Charlie Food & Friends

Greg Pietruszyński

CEO | Growbots

Mikołaj Szymański

Managing Partner | Kerris

Michał Chabowski

Managing Partner | R Ventures I

Bartek Janowicz

CEO | Proinnovate

David Meister

CEO | oS3

Richard Berkeley

Mentor, Coach, Trainer, Conductor, Actor, Journalist

Michał Rokosz

Partner | Inovo Venture Partners

Radosław Kobus

CVO | Cellarius Europe

Paweł Żółtko

Manager | Oliver Wyman

Matija Zulj

CEO | Agrivi

Agnieszka Barej

Head of Media & Digital Central Europe, Trener | Procter & Gamble

Asen Gyczew​

Strategic Project
Supervisor | Smyk

Michał Bonarowski

Public Relations Officer | Grupa Allegro

Mariusz Klementowski

CEO | AmerPharma

Leszek Szczepaniak


Marcin Tischner

Campaigner | ProVeg International

Mateusz Kloc

R&D Consulting | Lucet Capital

Dawid Drzewiecki

Dawid Drzewiecki

CEO | Kancelaria Funduszy Europejskich

Tomasz Woźniak

CEO | Future Mind

Adrian Pugawko

Adrian Pugawko

Financial Business
Partner | Procardia Medical

Dawid Sokołowski


Jakub Łączkowski


Michał Gołkiewicz

Michał Gołkiewicz

Co-Founder & CEO | Sundose

Michał Mądry

Managing Partner | Enky Consulting

Maciej Otrębski

Strategic Partnerships
Manager | RoślinnieJemy

Anna Tałach

Anna Tałach

Global Product Manager, Food Industry Expert

Wiktoria Przybylska

Startup Program
Manager | Microsoft

Piotr Lubiewa - Wieleżyński

Piotr Lubiewa - Wieleżyński

Strategic Project
Manager | Carrefour Polska

Daniel Szostek

Daniel Szostek

Co-Founder | Centrum Prawa Żywnościowego

Agnieszka Szymecka - Wesołowska

Co-Founder | Centrum Prawa Żywnościowego

Katarzyna Geiger

Katarzyna Geiger

Supply Chain Manager, Sustainable Value Chains, Food Industry

Weronika Bednarska

Weronika Bednarska

Innovative Food Developer, Labelling Specialist

Małgorzata Nowacka

Małgorzata Nowacka

Food Technologist | Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Kamila Olek

Kamila Olek

Founder | Brand It Up

Maciej Gałkiewicz

Maciej Gałkiewicz

Angel Investor
& CEO | Ragnarson

Karolina Wojtas

Karolina Wojtas

Investment Associate | Icos Capital

Wojciech Przywała

Wojciech Przywała

Co-Founder | Hugo Green Solutions

Tomasz Czech

Tomasz Czech

CEO | Innovation Center of the University of Agriculture in Krakow

Zbigniew Barwicz

Zbigniew Barwicz

Serial Entrepreneur, CEO, Advisor and Investor

Bartosz Czerkies

Bartosz Czerkies

Marketing Manager | Revolut

Małgorzata Idzikiewicz-Kowalczyk

Małgorzata Idzkiewicz-Kowalczyk

Marketing Advisor, Trend Analyst

Tomasz Szuba

Tomasz Szuba

CEO | Venturis HoReCa, Food Waste Management Expert

Michał Lasocki

CEO | Intenson Europe

Marcin Śliwiński

Marcin Śliwiński

CEO | Gobarto

Paweł Urbanek

Paweł Urbanek

CEO | Pan Pomidor & Co.

What does the future look like?

The future of food is technology, rational resource management and education aiming to increase our food awareness.
Check what we should aim for.

Apply today

Applications for the fourth batch of the accelerator have been closed. Applications for the fifth batch will open in September 2021. However, you don’t have to wait – meantime we run open recruitment. We will be happy to take a closer look at what you are doing and think about how we can help you right now.

Who's behind this?

We know each other from Warsaw School of Economics. Each of us has a passion for creating businesses and an impressive track record. We never stop learning and developing. We know how to attract crowds.

Michał Piosik

Polish Your Cooking | Rośleko
Citi | BCG

Piotr Grabowski

HubHub | Współpracownia
SnowShow | Kazimiernikejszyn

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